Divi Tilt Card Module

An attention grabber parallax hovers tilt effect.

Invent the most unique and attractive Blurb content with the Divflash tilt card module. Also, the splendid attributes of the tilt hover effect and tilt 3D effect on your container will make visitors instant curious about the product.

Tilt setting

The tilt Setting of the Divi Flash plugin provides an enticing tilt effect over the container. Even more, the tilt card module has various pro features like tilt rotation, transform perspective, reversing direction, and so on. So, grab it and make it as you ever thought of.

Content Floating

Another prominent feature of the tilt card module is the Content Floating option. It will make the visual builder too fascinating to the visitors. Having the Translate Z and scale functions, the Content Floating became the most attractive feature ever. Just keep that in mind “if you never try, you will never know.”

Custom spacing

If you are new to Divflash, Don’t be confused about the default Spacing and Custom Spacing settings. Custom Spacing is an imperative feature that allows designers to have super control over the spacing between each element of the tilt card module.

Tilt Card

What is The Diviflash Tilt Card Module?

The Diviflash Tilt Card module is a combination of image, content, tilt effect, and many more features. The Divi tilt effect forces the content to lean around while hovering. And this is one of the finest ways to achieve visitor’s attention promptly.

Divi Flip Card

Where to Use the Divi Tilt Card Module?

Divi tilt card module has no limitations when it’s a question about utilizing it on your website. The Divi tilt effect can be applied anywhere on your website in regards to the requirement. Nevertheless, the tilt effect can meet your several requirements. Such as you can implement this to highlight your prime products, focused features, offers, team members, and so on.

Tilt card design for Divi

The key features of the Divi Tilt Card Module

Tilt Setting

Divi tilt setting is a magnificent way to enhance the beauty of a container. This particular feature allows designers to grab consumer’s attention at first glance. Changing the tilt direction and tilt rotating direction will make the visitors amazed and curious about the services. Remember, a thousand words can’t leave so deep an impression as one fascinating design can do.

Divi Tilt Card Fast & Smooth Module

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Content Floating (Tilt 3D Effect)

The tilt 3D effect is an attractive feature that is included in the Divi tilt card module. Turning on the content floating option will provide your container a 3D look that tilts while hovering. The content floating effect makes a tilt card able to stand out with a tempting presentation.

Powerful Module

The tilt card module not only comes with compelling design options but also helps you make your website freakish.

Tilt 3D Effect

Create amazing 3D Tilt Effect with divi tilt card module by diviflash. This will take your website design to another level.

Premade Templates

Choose from a large selection of free designer-made section templates for divi made with the Divi tilt card module.

Tilt card template

PreMade Divi Tilt Card Template

The Diviflash tilt card module comes with various distinct pre-made templates. It has an extensive collection of templates with time-to-time updates, so your website can adjust to the modern web developing phase. Importing these templates on your website is as simple as you thought of. Therefore, improve your website design section with diviflash tilt card templates in no time.

Other Divi Tilt Card Pro Features

Create a sensational Divi tilt card that is distinctive, future-ready to suit your needs, whether it’s simplicity or styling, it’s good for anything.


Custom Spacing

The custom spacing has two different spacing systems, wrapper and content spacing. The wrapper spacing system stands to adjust the container gap between content, image, and button. And the content spacing feature customizes the space separately between title, content, icon, and image.


Image & Icon Options

It’s super easy to use an image or icon in the tilt card with the image & icon option. Also, activating the icon setting will give you many more features like background color, gradient, and sizing, that make your design creative.


Button Settings

A button is the most prominent element that attracts and forces visitors to know more about the services. Even, a decorative button has a 15% conversion rate in history. Divi tilt card module offers you an opportunity to fix and embellish a button on a website. So, create the CTA that you ever wished for.


Image Style

Image style setting provides designers all the features required to make an image stand out to visitors. Fixing image alignment, color, border, border width, and border-color is under this option. Yet, you can round the image corner and can apply the shadow effect on the image.



Content and title font setting is entirely responsible to make your content and title text eye-catchy. Here, you are able to determine the text alignment, color, size, line space, and letter space. Furthermore, the title text font, weight, and style can be implemented as you want.


Border & Shadow Effects

Considering the loveliness of a tilt card module the shadow and border style is imperative. Under the border & shadow effects option, you have super control over the tilt card. So, modify the border color, width, and style as you wished for. Also, change the shadow directions, color, spread strength, and blur strength.

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