Divi Image Masking Module

Exceptional styling of images

Giving your image a different shape may increase the beauty of your site. The Divi Image Masking module will help to make the image more beautiful with its various masking shapes.

You can download and use it on your project.

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Key Features of Divi Image Masking Module

Use a mask to your image and give it a different look by using the Divi Image Masking module. Image Masking module is the next revolution for Divi. See the key features it has-

  • 26 Different masks for the image.
  • Position option for Mask.
  • Mask Rotation.
  • Sizing.
  • Spacing.
  • Border.
  • Shadow.
  • Filter.
  • Transform.
  • Animation.
  • All the Advanced Options.
  • & Many More.

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