46 Divi Modules Ultimate Modules Guide for Divi (2021)

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Creating a website seems like painting a masterpiece, except it is nothing like painting a masterpiece. See, when you craft something like drawing or painting a mountain, you can actually see what you’re doing. But when you create a website in WordPress, you work on the back end. 

Within the WordPress interface, it is perfect for content creation but not design. Moreover, you have no idea how anything actually looks on your website. 

It’s hard to make a masterpiece like this, isn’t it?

Now, this is Divi. With Divi’s 46 outstanding modules you can build your WordPress website on a tangible website in real-time view. 

So, If you want to add a widget, text, image, or anything it is just a matter of some times with Divi modules. Everything is totally customizable by font, size, color, shape, and moving them is just a simple drag and drop. With the 46 different content elements, there is nothing you can add. 

So, today I am going to take you to introduce all of those Divi Modules that can build a website that looks like painting a masterpiece.

What Are Divi Modules And Their Functionality?

Divi modules are the visually block elements we used for content building by using the Divi theme or the builder plugin. For the availability of the Divi theme builder option the boundaries of customizing the header and footer now break. 

The module is colored by dark grey and can be added into the standard row that is colored by green. The green row is set up into the section and for identifying, it is colored by blue. 

All of the module design is easily set up and customized anywhere within sections, rows and columns to build a website page layout. Each of the modules is designed with particular features and design settings that can be customized visually. 

The visual builder allows you to build your posts, pages with content and style anywhere you want on your website without having the programming knowledge. These modules can be easily moved by simple drag and drop everywhere on your page and you can save them to use on other pages as well.

Divi Modules Differ By Section Divi Used

Now, as we know Divi modules are designed to functionalize into sections. So, in Divi we will be found three types of sections and Divi modules differ by those sections. 

Three types of the section are as follows-

The “Regular” Section

The “Specialty” Section

The “Fullwidth” Section

Now, if we look into the modules according to the sections, you can use the same modules in the “Regular” & “Specialty” sections. But for the fullwidth section you have to use only the fullwidth modules. 

In short, we can differentiate Divi modules are two types according to their section functionality.

The Ultimate List Of Divi Modules To Build Your Pages

First thing first, Divi has preloaded 46 modules. So, you will be able to build your website out-of-the-box. 

Therefore, we know about Divi modules, their functionality and of course the differentiation of their uses. But still, it could be confusing for you to understand about the module uses. 

So, here I’m to set it easy for you. 

Through the article, you will find four types of modules consonant to their purposes. It will be easy to better understand the Divi modules for anyone. Now, it’s time to dive into the deep.

Modules For Initial Page Building

1. Text Module

Here we’re first come to learn all about the Divi Text module. This is an incredibly powerful and probably the most commonly used module. So, not only you can enter the standard WordPress text editor but you can also get tons of design features and customization from the text design tab. This module allows you to add text wherever you like on your page. You can use this module within any column or combine it with some other modules. 

2. Image Module

Now we come to know one of the divi’s most popular, the Image module. So, the image module of course is where you can add images through websites and several different powerful and engaging ways. It looks like a gallery module and you can customize it almost the same way. But you can just insert one image in this Image module. This module lets you add animations, optional light-box, filter lazy load etc.  

3. Blurb Module

Here we come to know about the Blurb module. The Blurb module is widely used and one of the most popular Divi modules. It is incredibly versatile as it has the image or icon section, a title and a text section. It is great for displaying little blurbs about your company, business and whatever it is you want to get the message out could be features or benefits. The Blurb module is probably what you want to be used as it has tons of ways of use, you can inter content, design and edit that content really makes your website shine. 

4. Button Module

The Button is another versatile and flexible Divi module. Since buttons are really important for any website, Divi creates this Button module that allows you to create gorgeous and highly engageable buttons. You can add a button anywhere on your page and also can customize it according to your needs. 

5. Menu Module

The Menu module is a fantastic way to add menus to your website. Particularly if you wanted to put it in a place where the built-in header and navigation section won’t allow you to put it. But this only works on the theme builder option. With the theme builder option, you can use this module for customizing your logo and menus as how you want to do.

6. Pricing Tables

Any time You may create a business website that has products, services or maybe subscriptions whatever you offer to the customers, a pricing table comes in super handy. Divi created this module with a lot of unique features that allow you to create really attractive offers to your visitors. 

7. Social Media Follow Module

Divi Created a module that allows you to add many if not all social following buttons in a great way. You can add the most popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. anywhere on any post or page. 

8. Slider Module

Sliders are incredibly popular in the WordPress Community. Divi’s Slider module allows you to add sliders on your posts or pages. With this Slider module, you can add images, text and buttons. It has options for controls, video background, call to action button and parallax to perfectly shine your web page. 

9. Blog Module

This is one of the most important modules for Divi, since everyone wants to write blogs on their websites. The Blog module offers you to create posts everywhere on your page with some incredibly fine designing options. So, you can add content to your Blog module and of course styling so that it looks beautiful, standard and fits with your unique web design. 

10. Call To Action Module

Few things are more important on a website. Then the calls to action are of course the most important action you want your site visitors to take. So, Divi creates this module that allows you to create those calls to action in any particularly compelling way. The combination of a title, text in body, a button and of course it’s customization options will play a big role in increasing the conversion. 

11. Divider Module

The Divider module is an excellent way to add extra space, a straight line or styler that crosses a certain section or area of your website. It is just a useful tool to have in your WordPress dashboard. So, Divi creates this Divider module with the option of creating a horizontal line, custom vertical spacing or both at a time. 

12. Contact Form Module

The Divi contact Form module is incredibly powerful. This module comes with standard vast features. You can build really robust forms by using conditional logic, input options, field validation and there are so many designing options available as well to make a shiny form. 

13. Testimonial Module

Now we will be gone over the Testimonial module. This module allows you to get more trust from your visitors and also adds more social networking value. The Testimonial module includes the quote, author name and optional social or website link options. 

14. Gallery Module

The Divi Gallery module comes with all of the built-in design settings that are much more strong than WordPress default galleries. The Gallery module allows you to add and manage galleries anywhere on your web page. This module comes with both grid and slider style and can control with many functionalities. 

15. Video Module

Divi Video module has plenty of design and customization options which can be really powerful to shine your website. This module allows you to get super creative with how your videos are on your website. You can embed videos from any source or upload videos from your liberty as well. Its powerful features allow you to design the play button and thumbnail image. 

Modules For Advanced Page Building


16. Post Slider Module

Displaying your blog post in a slider format is always great. Anytime you have content whether it on your blog page or another party website you want to feature, in slider would be the best option to do that. The Post Slider module not only allows you to create your content in slider display format but also gives you a lot of customization features as well through the design tab. 

17. Person Module

You may work with a team, collaborator or anybody that you want to be featured on your website. This module is the perfect tool for doing your work. This module includes text, an image, social links and of course plenty of customization options through the design tab. 

18. Email Optin Module

Building an email list is one of the most important aspects of a thriving online business or just websites in general. So, this Divi Email Optin module will help you to do that by creating engaging ways of capturing your visitor’s email addresses. Being an easy way to get the targeted email list and moreover, now you can connect them to 20 popular email campaign providers. 

19. Bar Counters Module

The Bar Counters module is one of a few modules that Divi dedicated to displaying statistical information in a compellingly beautiful way. The bar counters allow you to create some gorgeous bar graphs and stats on your website anywhere you want. This module has some built-in features and animation that makes your pages good-looking.  

20. Number Counter Module

The Number Counter module is another excellent module to display or share statistics on your website in a really cool and engaging style. This module includes number counting animation, text, a title and of course a lot of customization options in the design tab.

21. Circle Counter Module

The Circle Counter module is another awesome module to display stats and as well as other important numbers of your company in a highly styling way. This module combines with some great animation that creates a rotating circle around the stats that you choose to display. It has tons of design options like lazy-load, for you to make it look exactly the way you want it.

22. Accordion Module

Divi Accordion Module is a fantastic tool for people who want to have more control over large blogs or several blogs of the content displayed on a page particularly text. The best-used case that comes to mind is Q&A or FAQ section. This Divi module allows you to fit a large content that mostly texts in a pleasing graphical way. 

23. Toggle Module

The Toggle module is much like the Accordion module. It is great for displaying blogs or text on pages that usually you don’t want to show large boxes taking up the entire content space. So, this module allows you to hide and display pieces of content with an applicable name in the toggle button. 

24. Tabs Module

The Tabs module is an excellent way to create tab content on posts or pages. This module is particularly useful in lots of different cases among them one of my favorites is my account page. In this type of page where different areas of a user account that each needs its own section. You can create a small section with several tabs instead of setting up a display on a crazy long page. 

25. Portfolio Module

The Portfolio module must be one of the obvious choices for advanced page design. This module allows you to display your artwork, cases, case studies, or any work you want to show off to the world. The Portfolio module combines both full-width and grid style, pagination and category section. 

26. Filterable Portfolio Module

Sometimes you need a ton of content in your portfolio. You want to have different ways so people can filter the result so they can see what just they wanted to see. In that case, the Filterable Portfolio module is the perfect tool for that. It includes a live-filter option and category section.

27. Sidebar Module

The Sidebar module is a fun way of grabbing content from the widget area that is built into WordPress and can display anywhere on your website where you put this module. You can pull any content via a sidebar from the WordPress sidebar areas into just about anywhere on your pages. 

28. Video Slider Module

Divi Video Slider module is incredibly powerful, especially for people who are interested in displaying a lot of their video work. This module is good for tutorials blogs, video courses, or anybody who has a lot of video content they wanted to display in a new orderly fashion. This module includes all the features like the Video module and plus the slider option. 

29. Post Title Module 

The Post Title module comes in really handy for creating a single post. When you create a custom blog post and you want to have more control, this module is the perfect solution. It allows you to take control over the way of the heading content, the title, the meta data, featured image and all of those displayed on your post. 

30. Comments Module

Divi Comments module is maybe underused but it is still really cool and it has great features and functionality. This module allows you to add comments in any part of your website whether it is the top or bottom of the page or post.

Modules For Optional Page/ Section Building

31. Audio Module

The Audio module is a great way to display audio files you want to share with your visitors. This module is great for the podcast, presentation recording, music recording, or anything you have in an audio format that you want to share with the world. 

32. Post-Navigation Module

This is an excellent way of adding a bit of interest to other content of your website when someone is viewing a post or page. You can add a previous and next button or a content link to your page or post. 

33. Search Module

Divi’s search module is awesome because it allows you a search bar anywhere you want on any post or page. This module is great for directory websites, or a website that has lots of content and you wanted to make an easy way for the visitors to find out what they actually look for. 

34. Countdown Timer Module

This Countdown Timer is an excellent module for any time when you want to promote an event, launch or anything that is in pending or counting down. So the counting down module is incredibly easy to configure because the awesome design setting is also easy to set. You can set a timer with days, hours, minutes that counts the time you set up. 

35. Code Module

The Code module is super powerful and versatile. Because you can put just about anything inside it and it will function all that on that page or post. 

36. Login Module

If you prefer to create a customized login experience for your site visitors, this is the module for you. You can create a page with this module that will give you a very unique experience with a unique design.

37. Map Module

Divi’s Map module is another powerful module that allows you to insert Google maps right on your website anywhere you want. You can also add custom pens with a lot of cool design features

Modules For Fullwidth Page Building

38. Fullwidth Image

Divi Fullwidth Image module is just the same as the Divi image module. But this module comes with some extra features and of course it is only applicable for the fullwidth section.

39. Fullwidth Menu

The Fullwidth Menu module is a fantastic way to add an extra menu on your page. Particularly if you wanted to put it in a place where the built-in header and navigation section won’t allow you to put it. 

40. Fullwidth Header

If you wanted to add a much more dramatic deader to your page and then this is the module for that. With this module, you can add a header with a title, sub-header and of course content. Moreover, this module has two buttons that are made for full-screen (optionally). 

41. Fullwidth Slider Module

The Fullwidth Slider module is an excellent tool for building dynamic hero sections or just sections of a particular page that you want to have sliding content. This module comes up with the same Slider module features but only applicable for the fullwidth sections. 

42. Fullwidth Portfolio Module

Divi has a Portfolio module and a Fullwidth Portfolio module. Both of these modules are designed to help you display your work to maximum affects. 

43. Fullwidth Post Slider Module

Divi’s Post Slider Module and Fullwidth Post Slider module both are designed with the same features. The Fullwidth Post Slider just works only on the fullwidth sections. 

44. Fullwidth Post Title Module

The Fullwidth Post Title is another Divi’s module that is designed for the fullwidth sections. But its features are the same like the Post Title module 

45. Fullwidth Map Module

If you want to add a map on your website that covers the fullwidth page of the display this is the perfect module for you. 

46. Fullwidth Code Module 

As like the others Divi’s fullwidth modules, the Fullwidth Code module also design for fullwidth sections. You can add any code like the Code module but of course only when you add it on the fullwidth sections.

Have You Ever Tried All 46 Divi Modules?

Honestly, I’m not tired of all the 46 modules. Till I wrote this article, I hadn’t thought earlier about some of the modules that much. But now I’m definitely going to start all of these modules at least for once. The reason behind it, these Divi modules really are the building block for anything I can think of or better say I want to do. So, give them a try could be great for me and you as well. 

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