Divi flip box Module

Finest Flip Cards Module for Divi

Create interactive blurbs to show content with Divi flip box module. This unique Divi module Will add a two-faced blurb to your website and take the user experience to another level!

Highly Customizable

Customize every element individually of your Divi flip card on both sides. Create any combination of title, content, image, icon, background, border, and choose animation type and control the speed and direction.


Divi flip box module will style flip boxes with tempting animations. Flip box animation can be from multiple directions with different interactive animation effects. DiviFlash’s Content Floating Effect in animation can give an elegant touch to flip cards.

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is one of the core features of DiviFlash’s modules. Divi flip box module offers you spacing control for every element. Container, Wrapper, Image, Icon, Title, Content on both the front and back sides has its own spacing area!

Divi Flip Box

What is a Divi flip box?

A flip box is a box full of content or image that flip over when hovering over and reveal more content. Generally, flip box content different animation with direction control and a custom look. Divi Flip box help to create interactive designs. This is one of the best ways to create a CTA blurb.

Where to use Divi Flip Box?

Divi Flip box module can be used anywhere on your website. With this module, you can create wonderful looking services of your website, highly focused features, Team members, gallery, testimonials, offers, Product, and many more.

Divi Flip Card

Key Features of Divi Flip Box

Flip Box Animation

Animated flip boxes are awesome. Those are great to grab the attention of users at the first glance. Divi flip box allows you to chose 4 types of animations with duration and direction control to leave a lasting impression on the visitor. Content Floating Effect for rotate animation can give the flip box a 3D look, amazed visitors.

Rotate Animation
with duration and direction control
Choose one of four Rotation Direction: Left, Right, Up and down.
Slide Animation
with duration and direction control
Choose one of four slide Direction: Left, Right, Up and down
Zoom Animation
with duration and direction control
Choose one of five zoom Direction: Left, Right, center, Up and down
Fade Animation
with duration and direction control
Content Fade out from the center.

Interactive visual

Customize every aspect of flip box content and amplify the message. Great typography can make content distinctive and appealing. Choosing the perfect font, color, size, alignment can take a flip box to another level. Different types of images, icons, backgrounds, borders will always stand out and deliver the perfect interactive experience that converts.

Flip Box Front

Flip Left

Rotate Left and reveal more content wonderfully without expanding.

Flip Box Front

Flip Box Back

Rotate Down and reveal more content wonderfully without expanding.

Flip Box Front

Flip Box Back

Rotate Right and reveal more content wonderfully without expanding.

Premade Divi Flipbox template

Divi Flipbox module comes with ready to go template. You can download any template from a large collection of aesthetic designs and use them on your project. The Cutting edge designs & Easily customizable template will Increase your efficiency and project quality in no time.




Modern Design


Flip Box




Some Other Flip-Box Features

Create a sensational Divi flip card that is distinctive, future-ready to suit your needs, whether it’s simplicity or styling, it’s good for anything.


3D Effect

Add a 3D effect to the content box with the Content Floating Effect and make it special. This is available for all directions of rotate animation and makes your flip box stand out.


Icon and Images Options

Easily use an image or icon into the flip box and customize it. It can add an image in background or solid and gradient color like other Divi modules. Those icons and images can be different on two sides.



Content can be horizontally align left, right, center, and align vertically top, center, and bottom in both front and backside.


Borders and shadows

Style the flip box with the independent border and shadow in both front and backside. Those settings have all the necessary elements to design borders and shadows.


Builder View

The builder view in the flip box allows you to change the view mode and stick to it. You can select view mode to the backside while working on it. It will enable you to see the changes without hovering over in the visual builder.



Button the key for a site. A great design button can convert 15% more users. Divi Flip card offers a button to the back card and all the customization options it needs.

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