Divi Dual Button Module

Exceptional double button for Divi

Create gorgeous looking, fully responsive, and highly customizable dual buttons with a nice separator in between.

Highly Customizable

Customize every element of your dual button module that can make the website’s accessibility higher than ever before.

Custom Spacing

Custom spacing is one of the core features of DiviFlash’s modules. Divi dual button module offers you spacing control for every element. Wrapper, separator, text on both buttons has its own spacing area!

Quick and Easy

Creating a dual button is super easy now. Anyone can create awesome dual buttons with the Divi dual button module.

Why Use a Dual Button in a Divi Website?

A tiny little button is the only thing that makes interactivity and site converting rates. You can design every element of your website, but a user is going to click on the button. So a dual button is the best option to meet the needs of a customer.

So don’t just create a regular button! Create a dual button that is beautiful and conversational for your landing page.

Premade Divi Dual Button template

Divi dual button module comes with the ready to go templates. You can download any template from a large collection of aesthetic designs and use them on your project. The Cutting edge designs & Easily customizable template will Increase your efficiency and project quality in no time.

You can download and use it on your project.

Find more demo’s in action.

Divi Dual Button Options

Create a rousing dual button that is notable, future-ready to suit your needs, whether it’s uniformity or styling, it’s good for anything.

Typography options

Divi dual button comes with diverse typography and styling options. It has font, weight, text alignment, color, sizing, text-shadow, and its controls.

Styling Options

Styling the button in the divi dual button is easy. Choose a solid, gradient background-color or an image to give your button a gentle touch. The double button also has options to use icons in different positions, rounded corners, borders, and box shadows.

Border Options

Divi double button border properties allow you to specify the style, width, and color of an element’s border as well as the wrapper border.


All our designs are responsive, and our module offers all the features for a responsive dual buttons for your next web design project.

Separator Options

The separator is a key factor for the side by side button in Divi. Divi dual button comes with the option to use an icon or text. You have a styling option for icon and typography and a designing option for text which you make your button more covetable.

Update and Support

DiviFlash update products regularly and provide fast and friendly support. You can recommend any feature here and expect a support solution within 24hours.

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