Divi Module: Introducing Divi Before and After Image Slider

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Divi Before and After Image Slider

Compare your images side by side on your Divi website is easier than ever! Using the Divi Before and After Image Slider will be a practical and effortless way to show two images in before after variation. 

Hence, Divi doesn’t come along with a before after slider module, and you might be dealing with the problems of displaying two images in the comparison condition. 

Don’t worry, DiviFlash is introducing to you a new Before and After Image Slider module to overcome the problems. We are here to make it easy to compare pictures side by side on your Divi website. 

Today we will take you around to this image comparison slider module to know how easy it is to use, its key features, and the beneficiary opportunities.

What Is The Divi Before And After Slider?

A Before and After Image slider could be a convenient way to compare and display two identical images side by side.  

In that manner, DIVIFLASH has launched a new module named Divi Before After slider. The principal function of this module is to interpret the disparity between the two images. 

Any service provider who is required to show their expertise through the images, this module can fill out every requirement. This module has a label styling feature that allows users to display previous works in two separate images in a single frame. 

While you need to compare two images and exhibit them by sliding a divider over the images, this module is for you. 

DiviFlash Has A Next Level Before After Image Slider

DiviFlash Before After slider is a luscious Divi module that allows you to compare an image with its alternative version by a moving slider. 

This module comprises three remarkable features- Label Styling, Spacing & Two Slider mood. These label Styling, Spacing & Slider mood allows you to customize the before-after slider in an effortless and worthful way. 

However, along with these remarkable features, DiviFlash incorporates a wide range of other pro features to use this tool more efficiently.

As a result, users will have more controls and options to utilize this Before After Slider and create an engaging image showcase.

Divi Before After Image Module

Who or Why Needs The Divi Before After Image Slider?

Assuming you are a fitness trainer & blogger, you want to show off your works to get potential customers. 

Then, how do you represent your work on your website to inspire the visitors and turn to take your services? Showing your body transformation and fitness-related images in a side-by-side comparison must be the best idea. 

In that case, a before and after image slider would be the coolest way to do that.

Now we are going to learn who and why the Divi Before After Image slider is essential. So, let’s take a look at who will be the most beneficiary with this amazing page builder module.

Graphics Designers

A graphics designer provides services including image or photo clipping, image masking, photo retouching, etc. In those cases showing clients about some previous works is a must. 

To do so, you have to use an image comparison slider on your website. Then this excellent tool makes your work easy and simple in words. 

With the perfect use of its content, design, and advanced tab, you can make a perfect showcase of your professional graphics and photoshop works to the visitors.

Interior Designers

If you are an interior designer, then the case is the same as the graphics designer. Taking your new clients to the other houses or offices or any place you designed is not possible. 

So you can’t show your previous work to your new clients. 

So, you have to make a showcase of your previous work on your website. The before and after slider will help you show your visitor how the place was before you design it. 

In short, it might be the game-changer of your interior designing company.

Product Comparisons

This image comparison slider module also helps manufacturing companies. It will help to show the differences between a revised product to the previous one. 

You may want to show how your product looks after processing. So, whatever the reason, you can insert images and show your visitor to compare them side by side.

Beauty Experts or Salons

We know how important it is for beauty experts to show people their works and inspire them. 

DiviFlash makes this module keep in mind what elements will help a beauty expert or salon to show their works by an image comparison slider.

Other Service Portfolios

Making a service portfolio for the gyms & trainers, dental Clinics, comparing locations in the tour agencies, etc., is easy with this Divi Before After Slider. 

You can change different colors, font style, font-weight, alignment, and title font of both labels of the images and make a perfect portfolio gallery of your works.

Why Choose DiviFlash Before After Image Slider?

  • Visual Builder Supported
  • Horizontal and Vertical Mode
  • Customizable Slider/Divider
  • Before Image Filters
  • Custom Spacing Setting
  • Custom Text and Styling
  • Slider Option on Hover
  • Regular Divi Module Features
  • Responsive and SEO Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Pre-made Template 
  • Enthusiastic Support

Except for those features mentioned above, the Divi before and after image module comes with some other regular features like sizing, border, shadow, animation, scroll effect, etc.

Divi Before After Image Module

How Does Divi Before After Slider Work?

The before-after image slider by Divi flash offers some unique features that will stand out in the limelight. In the content tab, there is an option to insert two images in this image slider module. Users can add the label name for both before and after images. It also has horizontal and vertical dividers on images with a customizer for divider or slider. You can control starting point, smoothness, and its visual builder compatible.

In the Design tab, there are options for customizing the typography of the module.  This module also offers an image filter for before images to have some photoshop touch on your image. You will also find features like sizing, spacing, border, box-shadow, animation, etc., here in the design tab.

Like any other Divi module, this module also has an advanced tab where developers can work and enhance the module possibilities.

Except for those key features, this module offers tons more, including Divi’s essential features.

Final Thoughts

The Before and After Image Slider is an inherent module of DiviFlash. Probably you will have the best user experience after using this divi module.

As the content title is an easy way to compare images side by side, this module actually means it. 

In short, this module is for anyone who wants to make a worthwhile showcase to compare images by before and after slider.

It is suggested to look at the demo on the module demo page. If you need any assistance regarding this product or any other DiviFlash modules, you can contact the support team at any time.

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