Divi Advanced Blurb Module

An Outstanding Combination of images and texts!

To create an outstanding presentation of your content, image, the ultimate solution is the Advanced Blurb Module. It will give you tremendous flexibility in designing with its extended features.

Advanced Blurb Module

By DiviFlash

Here in this example, the same content area is used with an image. Using custom spacing for the image, this blurb went far away from the general design.

Next Gen blurb module for Divi

Advanced Divi Blurb Module

Divi blurb module with title, subtitle, icon or image, content, and a button. The ordering option is used in this one.

Advanced Divi Blurb Module

Divi Flash

Divi advanced blurb module example with three content areas with an icon in the top right. It has a button as well.

Diviflash Modules

Advanced Divi Blurb Module

In this example, we used a badge icon and create extra limelight for this blurb. You can use text as a badge.


Advanced Divi Blurb Module Side by Side

Here the module is used where the image is on left. You also have the option to have this on right.

DiviFlash Plugin

You can download and use it on your project.

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Key Features of Divi Advanced Blurb Module

Divi Advanced Blurb Module is the extended version of the general Divi blurb module. Advanced Divi Blurb Module offers the features that eliminate all the limits to create a beautiful blurb.

  • Four Different content area, badge plus button
  • Image and Icon.
  • Ordering system.
  • Z-index for each element.
  • Image and Icon styling options.
  • Content Designing options.
  • Button Designing options.
  • Custom spacing.
  • Sizing.
  • Border.
  • Box shadow.
  • Transform.
  • Animation.
  • All the Advanced Options.
  • & Many more.

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